When I was 8, I learned to knit, but I wasn’t very good at finishing my projects.  My Mum told me that if I finished my rug hooking kit, she would buy me a ball of pink baby yarn for Christmas.  Oh, how I dreamed about that yarn!  And I

finished that rug hooking.  Then, with my

newly-earned ball of yarn, I designed and knit doll clothes for me and my sister to play with.  Sure, they were all just variations on a tube,

but it was my first taste of designing.

I was hooked on knitting and, over the years,

also learned to crochet, quilt, and do various forms of needlework.


But it wasn’t until much later that I started designing and self-publishing patterns.  I have

so many ideas and see many more patterns

to come!


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw.

I started using the backs of used paper my

Dad would bring home from work.  I would

draw and colour until each sheet was filled,

and then I would start another.


Drawing centres me and I can spend hours,

usually late into the night when I should

be sleeping, drawing the things my

imagination sees.


I have never thought of myself as a painter.

I’m hopeless with watercolours, and have not

had particular success with other types of

painting, either.


So, when my Mum invited me to an encaustic painting workshop through Gilda’s Club, I knew

it would be fun but I wasn’t sure about the

actual painting.


I fell in love with encaustic painting!  The group was led by an amazing woman who only had one rule:  no one could say anything bad about their own work.  We all painted and laughed and I came home with a new fascination for melted wax!


I really love learning something new and there is so much more for me to learn about encaustics -
I look forward to the journey.


What am I doing?

Oh yeah! Following my dreams.

Okay...calm down.

My life is filled with family, friends, and creating.

During the day, I homeschool my amazing son.

In my down time, I’m always making something.

I have more ideas than I could ever have time for

in one lifetime.

Drop by and
say hello!

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I'd love to hear from you!

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